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  Since the age of 7, Rob has been in square dancing beginning in a small preteen club called “The Snoopy Swingers” in a town called Ravinsdale, Washington  called by Gordy Loomer.  As the years went on, Rob started dancing with a Teen Club called “The Mavericks” of Renton, Washington, Called by Wayne Easton.

  It was the influence of both Gordy Loomer and Wayne Easton that caused Rob to start learning how to Call at the age of 16.  At age 17, Rob started up the Snoopy Swinger again.  This began a great preteen and teen club explosion in the 80’s.   “The Snoopy Swingers”, and then later “The Teen Swingers”  grew to a tremendous size of over 250 Dancers.

   In those days, the Pacific NW Teen Festival, held in the NW and Canada, was a big event each year hosting as many as 750 or more Teen dancers to compete against each other.  As a Caller for such a group, you had to be creative and fast.  Teens are and always be the sharpest Dancers you will ever see.   It was clear that you had to be a entertaining caller and use only sight calling techniques to prepare the kids for this event.

   As a Caller, Rob has very easy rules he Calls by:

  • Be entertaining for the dancers and the folks on the sidelines.
  • Use Up-beat music
  • Able to change dance speed at anytime
  • Entertain the dancers with cleverness, but keep the squares from breaking down.  You have nothing to prove by blowing squares all the time.
  • Be open minded, traditional ways are not always the best.  It’s more important to have the dancers there then to judge them by our old traditions ways.

   “If you go to my dances or lessons, and not leave feeling good, tired and forefilled, then I failed as your Caller”.  “You should be able to dance with me and be smiling, and feel a spirit of excitement and rhythm.  That’s my job!”

   Rob has a web site at:  that has many historical photo’s of the days of Preteens and Teen’s and many of the old group use that sight to contact him to tell him about the adult life’s they have changed to.  “It’s so nice to hear from the kids we taught back then”  “I truly want to thank everyone for the great support I have been given”

   Rob currently is the Caller for the Sagebrush Shufflers of Prineville, Oregon and guest calls in the Central Oregon area.  He is the owner of his own Internet Company called “Cutting Edge Webs”.  His company has donated a Online magazine called: which is available for all clubs to use.


Contact:  541-390-8128


Terrebonne, OR.  97760

   Email Rob today!